Stanley J. Kernaghan

Founder, Chairman

PhotoStanley J. Kernaghan (1921 - 2001) began his distinguished insurance career in Winnipeg in 1946 with W.O. Jones & Co. as an independent adjuster trainee. He left the independent field and joined the General Accident Assurance Company in 1948 where he was Resident Adjuster for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.

Mr. Kernaghan established S.J. Kernaghan Adjusters Ltd. on 1 May 1953 and proceeded to build the company, with offices from coast to coast. His Industry activities in Manitoba and British Columbia included the Insurance Adjusters Association and the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International.

In 2000 the British Columbia Pond presented him with the prestigious Blue Goose International 50 Year pin. Mr. Kernaghan not only founded and developed Kernaghan Adjusters as his flagship enterprise, but also exercised his superb entrepreneurial skills by developing a further eleven companies, spanning the travel, printing, security and investigation fields.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kernaghan was actively and generously involved in community service. He was a member of Rotary International for 38 years, received the Paul Harris Award, and served a term as President of the Rotary Club of Vancouver. He spent nine years on the Board of the BC Rehabilitation Society, which acts for both G.F. Strong Hospital and Pearson Hospital, and served for two years as Board Chairman. He was a member of St. David's United Church in West Vancouver for 28 years and was Board Chairman for four years. During World War II he served with great distinction with the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot for five years, in Canada, Europe and North Africa. He was decorated for his accomplishments with the Air Force Cross (AFC) and the Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM). His exploits in the air above North Africa have been documented in "Aces, Warriors and Wingmen: Firsthand Accounts of Canada's Fighter Pilots in the Second World War" by Wayne Ralph (Wiley, 2005), and in "The Armed Rovers: Beauforts & Beaufighters over the Mediterranean" by Roy C. Nesbit (Airlife, 1995).

Throughout his life, Mr. Kernaghan remained in active contact with air crew associations worldwide and served as President of the Air Force Officers' Association of Vancouver.


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