KA’s 2018 Annual Employee Recognition

Exciting News! Each month we congratulate employees who have received formal recognition from clients. KA would like to further recognize those who have shown outstanding service excellence over the year. After reviewing all of the comments received, the 10 most notable have selected for extra recognition.  

We want to thank everyone for your hard work over the year.  Please join us in congratulating our 2018 winners who will be receiving a special token to show our appreciation. A picture of them receiving their award will be posted the KA website.

David Johnston, Whistler Senior Adjuster – David has blown insured away with is customer service this past year, being “genuinely interested in helping” while handling claims. He has been noted as incredibly helpful, collaborative, diligent and attentive. Other professionals in the industry have stated the highest regard for David’s knowledge and professionalism.

Jeff Martens, Calgary Senior Adjuster – Jeff has received several accolades from clients this year. CNS was delighted with his excellent reporting skills, stating “I haven’t seen such detailed and well-articulated reporting in a very long time!”. ACMS’s was also impressed by his prompt replies and clear detail on his reports.  Several insured have also shared their compliments directly, showing gratitude for his “capable and kind assistance” and ability to lessen concerns during challenging situations.

Greg Manaog, Surrey Adjuster – Insured’s Rick & Sharon were incredibly impressed when Greg managed a complex claim for their property while they were outside of Canada in a significantly different time zone. Greg’s professionalism and expert knowledge paired with his diligence, knowledge and strong customer service skills made it easy for them to navigate through their crisis.

Dessie Vatkova, Senior Claims/Business Analyst – Dessie has been working quite diligently as an important part of the team responsible for all the incredible updates to KEA this year. She has put a lot of time and effort into testing and writing out comprehensive instructions to ensure each new phase of KEA is rolled out as smoothly as possible.

Stephanie Wood, Edmonton Senior Adjuster – The Mand Family sent Stephanie a card to express their gratitude appreciation for assistance. They wanted her to know her “help won’t be forgotten” after all of the hard work she put into handling their Fort McMurray property claim.

Nadine Furnell, Prince George Branch Manager – RSA and Whole Foods have both been very pleased with Nadine’s work ethic and the quality of her files. They found Nadine to be direct but fair when working with the insured’s while remaining timely and on top of her files. Nauroth & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd felt Nadine went “over and above” and were delighted to have great, new talent in Prince George.

Reza Samei, Senior Web Programmer – Reza has been an important part of the team who has brought an amazing set of updates to KEA. He has out in an admirable amount work into creating and testing new innovative features for KEA. Whole Foods has even taken notice of his excellent work this year. “

Mark Graw, Cranbrook Senior Adjuster – Several of KA’s key clients were incredibly impressed with Marks work this past year. IPG noted him as an “excellent adjuster who does a superior job every time who they do not hesitate to recommend on any assignment”. Square One hopes Mark will “Keep up the great work!” and Western Property appreciates all him “looking after their customers”.  

Ian Gallagher, St. Catharine’s Executive Adjuster – Ian received several accolades from insureds this year, naming him everything from a comforting facilitator to the “go to guy for claims in the Niagara Area”. We are incredibly grateful to have an adjuster with such strong service skills as part of our team.

Murray Mackay, Winnipeg Senior Adjuster – Insureds Rick & Sharon were incredibly grateful Murray handled their claim “in a fair and reassuring way” while they were in Florida. They found his “professionalism and helpfulness to be very much appreciated” in the process of settling their claim while they were abroad.  

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