Kernaghan Adjusters’ 68th Anniversary

May 1st marked Kernaghan Adjuster’s 68th Anniversary.  As the first national independent adjusting firm in Canada, each anniversary represents our achievement of proudly serving Canada’s P&C industry longer than any other national independent adjusting firm. After an unprecedented year, we are truly grateful to be where we are today.

2021 has special meaning for me, it is the 20th anniversary of my father’s passing.  Although much has changed in the last twenty years, Stan Kernaghan developed the principles by which we operate at KA.  Our underpinning of trust, professionalism, service excellence and accountability started with his vision.  We adhere to the same values today.

Kernaghan Adjusters’ corporate culture embodies the same family values KA has recognized over the decades.  We have built a community of interest that brings our staff together across the five time zones we serve.

We have succeeded through hard work for our clients, and a practical approach to problem solving. Recognizing the importance of collaboration when unique and difficult situations arise.

Thank you to our clients who continue to support KA.  Thank you to everyone at KA for digging deep to find the resilience needed to move forward during these COVID times, and ensure we continue to be known as Canada’s most reliable independent adjusting firm.

Kernaghan Adjusters Ltd.

Patti M. Kernaghan FCIP, CRM, FIFAA, FCIAA

President & CEO

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