Kernaghan Adjusters’ Team Cares About The Professional Service They Deliver.

FORT MCMURRAY– Russ Fitzgerald

Nothing in my twenty-year-plus claims career could have prepared me for Fort Mac.  I’ve experienced a variety of CAT claims as a front-line adjuster and manager working hailstorms, windstorms, floods, and fires.

However, I’ve never seen anything like the wildfires in Fort McMurray. In my role as the Fort Mac CAT Team Leader I did everything, from searching out lodging for our adjusters and ensuring they were fed, to keeping the team safe.

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HIGHWAY #8 FIRE – Grant Rerie

Back in June 2011 while en route to our summer camp at Heckla Island one Friday evening my wife and I came across a residential fire on Highway #8 north of Gimli Manitoba. As we were driving along the highway we saw smoke drifting across the highway and just by the way the smoke was blowing and the smell I could tell it was not a grass or forest fire but appeared to be a structural type fire. As we got close to the location of the smoke we saw that it was in fact a residential fire. The fire department wasn’t even on scene yet.

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FATAL ACCIDENT – Marie Gallagher

During the past three decades, I have investigated a number of claims many that I will never forget. This is one of those stories. I was specifically chosen by the auto insurer of a couple who lost their five year old daughter in a motor vehicle collision to meet with them to discuss the first party benefits available under the Ontario Automobile Policy; in this case, Funeral and Death Benefits.

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